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My name is Brian, and I’ve been listening to metal my whole life. Starting with KISS, and Black Sabbath in the late ’70s to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in the early ’80s. I was in junior high when Metallica released Kill ‘Em All. As I’m sure you know, this opened the floodgates for all the more extreme metal that followed. As an aside, I was lucky enough to see Metallica live in 1986, just months before Cliff Burton was tragically killed.

When I turned 50 I started smoking (legal) cannabis, stopped cutting my hair, and made a battle vest. Some people have said I’m going through a mid-life crisis, but I respectfully disagree. I started this blog to promote metal and spread the joys of cannabis consumption. Here you’ll find reviews of metal albums, dispensary purchases, and cannabis paraphernalia. The occasional concert review is possible, pandemic restrictions permitting. I may also share some of my more controversial opinions with you. Hint: I love Nightmares of the Decomposed.

Even More About Me

I’m not a professional critic, I’m just a guy with a blog. If I listen to something that I don’t care for, I just won’t blog about it. Sometimes my tastes can be a little unusual and differ from popular opinion, but I’m not here to bash things. (Some of my movie reviews may seem harsh, but I’m not too worried about those). I’m also not a professional writer. I do the best I can, then use Grammarly to fix my mistakes. A WordPress plugin keeps telling me too many of my sentences contain passive voice and not enough transition words. I’ll try to figure out what the Hell that means and fix it at some point. It’s also important to remember that I’m always high when I’m writing. The point being, before you decide to contact me to say my writing sucks, I don’t disagree with you.

Some notes about my battle vest

Upon inspection, a few patches may stand out a bit. Midnight has only been around since 2003, but that backpatch was the first patch I purchased and built the rest of the vest around it. The Nekrofilth and Mortuous patches should stand out. How different are those two bands? I went through a phase with each during the making of this vest where I got a little obsessed, so I included both of them. I did a meet and greet with Abbath, so I wanted to include that patch. With the additional exception of the Nunslaughter and Exhumed patches, the rest are pretty much all bands I discovered in junior high, high school, or college.

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