The Week in Metal Week 24 (6/10-6/16)

The Week In Metal 2023 Week 24 (6/10-6/16)

Something different this week, filming this episode with a live studio audience! Will this be a one-time event, or should I take the show on the road? Seven new recommendations this week, some really good stuff.

DEFUNCION – Ritual Of Death EP (6/10/23)
(Black/Trash Metal)

Pile of Death – Introducing Our Impending Doom (6/10/23)
(Thrash/Death Metal)

Plaguewielder – Burning Death EP (6/14/23)
(Blackened Sludge Metal)

Regurgitora – Regurgitora EP (6/15/23)
(Death Metal)

Corroder – Both Feet in the Grave EP (6/16/23)
(Thrash Metal) 

MURDERSOME – Carnal Death (6/16/23)
(Thrash Metal)

Vile Ritual – Caverns of Occultic Hatred (6/16/23)
(Blackened Death Metal)

More Releases I Checked Out This Week:

Tiger Battalion – Furor Teutonicus EP (6/10/23)
(Death Metal)

Boiling Blood – Prypjat EP (6/10/23)
(Thrash Metal)

Savage Ravage – Savage Ravage (6/12/23)
(Death Metal)

Slimed – Slime Season Demo (6/12/23)
(Death Metal)

Fat Ex – Secret Society of Bouncing Pleasure (6/12/23)
(Death Metal/Goregrind)

Abysma – Texas Weed Death (6/12/23)
(Death Metal)

Plague Master – Illustrious Failure Demo (6/12/23)
(Death Metal/Grindcore)

Death Mist – Death Punk Massacre (6/12/23)
(Death Metal)

Bodycutter – Drowning in Inhumanity (6/13/23)
(Blackened Death Metal)

Uchchaihshravas – Uchchaihshravas (6/14/23)
(Raw Black Metal/Punk)

Glote – The Lost Years (6/14/23)
(Crossover Thrash)


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