The Week in Metal Week 22 (5/27-6/2)

Checked out 20 new releases this week, only really dug three. Little bit different mix this week with some thrash and raw black metal.

The Week In Metal 2023 Week 22 (5/27-6/2)

TulanoR – Toxic Splash Demo (5/28/23)
(Blackened Thrash Metal)

Hell Wehrwolf – Fire In Our Hearts EP (5/28/23)
(Raw Black Metal)

Ukko’s Hammer – Toil EP (6/1/23)
(Crossover/Thrash Metal)

More Releases I Checked Out This Week:

In Torment I Die – the UNFATHOMABLE DARKNESS of the FALL (5/27/23)
(Blackened Death Metal)

Thoracotomy – Cerebrospinal Implant EP (5/27/23)
(Death Metal)

Endless Mutation – Demo II (5/27/23)
(Death Metal)

Kerosene – Blood Will Always Fall EP (5/27/23)
(Raw Black Metal)

THE IRONFIST – Tyrant​’​s Return (5/30/23)
(Black/Thrash Metal)

Forgotten Ruin – Eternal Bliss In A Chamber Of Wonderful Suffering (5/30/23)
(Raw Black Metal)

NEURONAL ERADICATION – Enviroment (5/30/23)
(Black/Death Metal)

Seeping Protoplasm – Exhale Extinction (5/31/23)
(Death Metal)

Necronado – A Scythe for a Scalpel EP (6/1/23)
(Crossover/Thrash Metal)

Heritage of Rebellion – Grow from the Decay (6/1/23)
(Death Metal)

Cadaver Carnivore – Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm (6/1/23)
(Death Metal)

Dieth – To Hell And Back (6/2/23)
(Death/Thrash Metal)

Aeffect – Theory of Mind (6/2/23)
(Death Metal)

Lacerated – The Beauty of Agony – EP (6/2/23)
(Death Metal)

ORDER OF DECAY – Mortification Rites (6/2/23)
(Death/Doom Metal)

Satan Bloody Reign – In The Bloody Beauty And The Darkness Of Vision EP (6/2/23)
(Black/Death Metal/Grindcore)

The Anointing Maelstrom – Immolating​.​Human​.​Scum. (6/2/23)
(Experimental Black/Death Metal)

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