Collection Update #1 – All Vinyl Mostly Metal

I have recently started collecting vinyl and decided to share my journey by uploading my updates to YouTube. Below you will find my first-ever YouTube video. I wasn’t sure how my videos would be received, but I’m happy to report things are going well. In this video I discuss the following albums:

Post Mortem – Coroner’s Office
Voivod – Thrashing Rage
Mercyful Fate – Melissa
Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath
Slayer – Show No Mercy
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Slayer – Reign in Blood
Anthrax – Fistful of Metal
Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids
Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption
Tyrant – Legions of the Dead
Savage Master – Myth, Magic and Steel
Deicide – Eternal Torment
Black Flag – Live at the “On Broadway” 23 July 1982

Lifelong metal fan and cannabis connoisseur.