Vintage Kiss Stuart Hall Notebooks

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In 1978 & 1979, Stuart Hall produced nine different Kiss notebooks. Each came with an order form for Kiss posters. The order form also gave you the option of joining the Kiss Army for a fee of only $5.00. All nine different vintage Kiss Stuart Hall notebooks recently sold on eBay, and check out those prices. As with a lot of Kiss merch, I had a few of these as a kid.

Paul Stanley – Sold for $152.50
Gene Simmons – Sold for $162.50
Ace Frehley – Sold for $147.50
Peter Criss – Sold for $305.00
Kiss Dynasty – Sold for $354.00
Kiss ‘Posed’ – Sold for $182.50
Kiss Alive – Sold for $201.00
Kiss ‘Fantasy’ – Sold for $530.00
Kiss ‘Solo Albums’ – Sold for $199.00

To see which Kiss notebooks are currently for sale click here to search eBay.

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