Cresco Lemon Triangle Kush Strain Review

THC 27.21%

Made another trip to Consume this past week, more out of necessity than anything else. Cresco Lemon Triangle Kush is one of the strains I picked up. It had a pleasant general sweet taste on the dry hit, and a more pronounced lemon on the exhale while smoking. A little bit of a harsher smoke than I’m used to, but not enough to really complain about. Seemed to irritate my throat just a little.

Cresco Lemon Triangle Kush Jar

As far as the high goes, Cresco Lemon Triangle Kush was just average for me. It wasn’t a bad high but wasn’t all that long-lasting. It didn’t come crashing right down immediately but sloped off faster than I’d like. I even tried smoking a king-size joint, but it was still just an average high. Having said that, it will get you high. I watched a little L&O:SVU while I was high and it was like I was in the interrogation room with the characters. I’m just saying there’s better weed with more intense highs out there.

Cresco Lemon Triangle Kush Buds

Dispensary website users rated this strain 4.4/5 but with only 17 votes. I chose this particular strain because of that high rating. Personally, I’d give it 3 stars. I don’t want to be too hard on it, I’m just saying smoke some 5-star weed instead. Be sure to check out my other strain reviews.

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