Rythm Afternoon Delight #7 Strain Review

I stopped by Consume dispensary and picked up a couple of things last week. The Sativa I’ve already written about, Rythm Afternoon Delight #7 is the other. This caught my attention because of the icon declaring it runner-up in the “Best of Chicago”. I’m assuming that’s a newspaper reader poll, still, I was intrigued enough to purchase.

Rythm Afternoon Delight #7 jar

I detected a slight citrus scent from the buds. Not nearly as strong as the recent Sativas I’ve tried, but it’s there. It was a pleasant smoke, very smooth. But the high is what matters the most, right? I’m happy to report that the high was incredible! I smoke a minimum of 2 joints per day, every day, and have for a while. I even went through a 6 joint per day period after I had an abundant harvest once. I’ve built up a certain tolerance is my point. So when I find something that can break through that and remind me what it feels like to REALLY be high, I can appreciate it. Rythm Afternoon Delight #7 did that for me.

Rythm Afternoon Delight #7 buds

I was sitting on the couch watching YouTube when this king-size joint kicked in. I felt a body buzz and got tunnel vision and the video I was watching became the greatest thing ever and I kept watching it over and over. It seemed like a long-lasting high too, wearing off slow and gradual. Now, getting high and watching YouTube may not seem like much to you, but it was a wonderful experience for me. So much so that I was anxious to try to re-create it. The following night at the same time, watching the same video I smoked another king-size joint. Unfortunately, I was out of Afternoon Delight and the inferior weed I smoked didn’t get me there this time around. Have you ever had a high that was so enjoyable you attempted to re-create it or am I just a nutcase?

Every time I visit the dispensary I pick out something different, it’s amazing how many different choices you have nowadays. This is the first cannabis that I enjoyed so much that I may have to go back and buy some more. This gets my highest recommendation, for whatever that’s worth.

Lifelong metal fan and cannabis connoisseur.