Vintage 1970’s Cannabis Related Ads

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I recently had the opportunity to look through some vintage 1970s Rolling Stone magazines and thought I would share some of the cannabis-related advertising that I found within. It’s not a lot, but I grabbed everything I could find. The advertisements range from 1973 to 1977. Click the thumbnails to see the full-size scan.

Is it me or does it seem strange to use a traffic cop to advertise rolling papers in the back pages of Rolling Stone magazine? They even call them cigarette paper in the first ad, what a bunch of squares.

These ads are more like it, Job papers melt in your mind, not in your hand. But based on the ads alone, I think I’d have probably gone with Reefer Rollers. And while there were plenty of rolling paper ads back in the day, that wasn’t all I found. Check out some of the cool accessories and paraphernalia you could get via mail order.

Most of this stuff I could do without. But I wouldn’t mind giving that “Rayo Easy Roller” a try though. My high school chemistry teacher was a hippie pothead, I bet he had one of those “Head Rest” pillows back in the day. FYI: the address for Foam Land is now a bookstore next door to a smoke shop.

From extendable roach clips for sharing, to pocket analyzers and scales so you don’t get ripped off, you could get it all. I wonder if “Joynt Venture Ltd.” is still in business?

A Marygin was used to sift the seeds out of your weed, one recently sold on eBay for over $80. That Pot Luck game occasionally pops up on eBay as well.

You can sometimes fine old Krupp mail order catalogs on eBay. They didn’t just sell “headgear”, they sold everything from clothing and jewelry to underground comix.

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