Feaces Christ – Gimme Morgue! (2022) Review

I discovered Feaces Christ when their demo Eat Shit and Die! was released on CD and it blew my mind. It has a heavy sound, musically showing off their obvious punk influence without ever losing a metal edge. Lyrically, subjects range from pedophile priests to necrophilia to zombies, sometimes with a great sense of humor. And the lyrics do a great job painting a mental image on “Spit Bath”, the highlight of the demo for me. I should also mention, Eat Shit and Die! is a perfect soundtrack for smoking weed.

Feaces Christ turned the dial up on the punk influence with Gimme Morgue! Most of the 13 songs here have a much more pronounced old-school punk vibe across the board. Including the vocals, which have that pissed-off punk attitude. There’s even a song titled “People Piss Me Off”. The final track of the album, “Embalmed in Vomit” is the longest at over five and a half minutes. It’s also my favorite. Probably no coincidence that it’s also the most metal song on the album.

If you were attracted to Eat Shit and Die! because of the punk-influenced sound and want more of that, Gimme Morgue! should make you happy. I’m still kinda lukewarm on it. The FDA Records Bandcamp page says this album is FFO Death Breath, Nekrofilth, Midnight, and Macabre. Have a listen and see what you think.

Eat Shit and Die! (2019) 5/5
Gimme Morgue! (2022) 3/5

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Feaces Christ - Gimme Morgue!

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