Midnight – Let There Be Witchery (2022) Review

Cleveland’s Midnight, run by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Athenar returned in 2022 with Let There Be Witchery. As should be evident by my battle vest, I’m a big Midnight fan. And I’ll admit, I’m sometimes nervous when a band I love releases a new album. I’m happy to report that Let There Be Witchery does not disappoint. Coming just two years after their previous release Rebirth By Blasphemy, this one just like all the others is loaded with Athenar gems.

Among the highlights, “In Sinful Secrecy” is catchy AF and probably my favorite track of the album, sure to become a live show staple. “Nocturnal Molestation” kicks off with a cool rock ‘n roll lick and gave me a vintage Kiss vibe, both musically and lyrically. “Let There Be Sodomy” deserves mention just for the awesome title, but it’s a ripper of a song as well. Closer “Szex Witchery” will leave you wanting more.

If you ever get the chance to see Midnight in concert, make sure you take advantage. At gigs, Athenar is backed up by Commandor Vanik on guitar and Secret Steel on drums. This trio will blow your socks off live. With this new album, Athenar once again proves that he’s a metal God. The ten tracks on Let There Be Witchery are worthy additions to the Midnight catalog.

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Midnight - Let There Be Witchery

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