Nunslaughter – Red is the Color of Ripping Death (2021) Review

Red is the Color of Ripping Death is the first full-length album in 7 years for Nunslaughter. Although they did release around 60 splits, EPs, Live albums, and the like in that time, so at least they’re keeping busy. But seriously, Nunslaughter has been around basically since the beginning and should need no introduction. They released their first demo in 1987 and their musical output according to Discogs currently stands at 215 releases.

Nunslaughter plays their own brand of raw and gritty “Devil Metal”, and you hear their trademark sound straight away on the opening track “Murmur”. The 35-minute runtime of Red is the Color of Ripping Death is loaded with gems. After a few listens, I found myself throwing up devil horns during the chorus of the ripping title track. “The Devil Will Not Stray” and “Eat Your Heart” are also top-notch songs. “Below the Cloven Hoof” closes the album out with a bang, 52 seconds of pure Nunslaughter rage.

I should admit, I’ve loved Nunslaughter for a long time, and own a few of their myriad of split 7″ releases. I feel the band just gets better with age and Red is the Color of Ripping Death is no exception. This album represents the band’s best output to date. 5/5

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