Congenital Deformity – Sacrifice Demo (2020) Review

The Italian duo known as Congenital Deformity released their second demo, Sacrifice, in 2020. With it, you get 4 tracks clocking in at 16:30. “Chainsaw Surgery” is up first and you immediately get a feel for the band’s sound. Brutal death metal guitar with constant tempo changes and low growling vocals. Title track “Sacrifice” is next and it’s thick with doom-laden atmosphere. “Funeral Torments” speeds things back up for a while before settling down into a slower more gloomy mood. “Despising Life” is a catchy mostly mid-tempo affair and a great song on which to close things out. Sacrifice contains four first-rate tracks, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Congenital Deformity. 5/5

This review was written under the influence of Lemon Jack

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Congenital Deformity Sacrifice Cassette Tape



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