PTS The Great Ha’tuh Live Sugar Review

Live Sugar
THC 88.76%

While I smoke flower every day, extracts are more of an occasional treat. I realized it had been a few weeks since I last indulged, so I made an unscheduled stop at my dispensary. Upon reaching the kiosk, I sorted the extracts by THC level and placed an order for the highest: The Great Ha’tuh Live Sugar.

I’m still pretty new at consuming extracts, and by no means an expert, but of the several advertised aromas and flavors I did notice a couple. There was a hint of citrus smell from the jar. While consuming with my G-Pen Roam all I could taste was pine with a touch of citrus aftertaste.

The Great Ha’tuh is advertised as “a perfectly balanced hybrid‚Ķ” that can take you either way. It calmed my mind and helped me relax but didn’t do much for me on the productivity side of things. Your results may vary.

Lifelong metal fan and cannabis connoisseur.