Altar of Gore – Infinite Visions of Violence Demo (2022) Review

Altar of Gore is a one-man project helmed by Acolyte of the Foul Ones (with additional leads by Joe Aversario) from New Jersey. Infinite Visions of Violence clocks in at just over 20 minutes. With it, you get one new track, two re-recorded songs originally on the 2018 demo, and a Hellhammer cover.

“Infinite Visions of Violence” is up first, and it’s fast, brutal, and chaotic right out of the gate. This song is actually from the upcoming LP Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies and it’s over six minutes of pure death metal. This demo was my first exposure to Altar of Gore, and already know I love them. I’m looking forward to that new album.

I went back and listened to the first demo so I could accurately judge the new takes of the next two tracks. I enjoyed these versions of “Descent Into Charnel Depths” and “Foul Dwellers in the Sacrificial Pits” more than the originals. They had a cleaner and more polished sound, without losing any of the aggressive feel. And who doesn’t love a Hellhammer cover? This version of “Aggressor” is outstanding.

After looking into Altar of Gore a bit more I learned they’ve already developed a bit of a cult following. After listening to Infinite Visions of Violence I can certainly see why. I look forward to checking out the 2020 full-length soon to see what I’ve been missing out on, and that new album can’t come soon enough. 5/5

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Altar of Gore - Infinite Visions of Violence Cassette

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