Classix Lemon Jack Strain Review

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
(Lemon Kush x Jack Herer)
THC 19.15%

When shopping for cannabis I usually go for strains with higher THC levels than Lemon Jack. But let’s be honest, I bought this for the sweet container. More on the container later, I want to talk about the cannabis first.

Lemon Jack Classix

The dry hit on my joint was very sweet and lemony, almost like sweet and sour lemon candy. After lighting up, I did get some chemical taste on the exhale but the lemon is still there if you search for it. It was much more potent than I expected, but a good daytime high. I was able to keep busy and stay focused, which is what you want from a good Sativa dominant strain. There was also just enough Indica to give me a slight body buzz, but thankfully not enough to make me feel tired and lazy afterward. I felt like I had increased peripheral vision, and it was a fairly long-lasting high. Lemon Jack is some quality cannabis.

Now, about that container. When I first saw this on the dispensary website I knew I had to have one. It’s much higher quality than I expected, made of metal and nicely embossed on the front. The required legal info was added via stickers on the back, which were easy to remove without damaging the tin. Slightly larger than an Altoids tin, and almost dead-on the size of an actual cassette, albeit thicker. It appears there are more than one design of tins, but this is the only one I’ve seen at my local dispensary. If you’ve thought about picking this up, get off the fence and do it. I thought I was buying it just for the fancy container, but I ended up discovering some amazing cannabis.

Classix Tin Size Comparison

As of now, Classix (owned by Columbia Care) is available in Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Lifelong metal fan and cannabis connoisseur.