Deadly Weapons & Double Agent 73 Review

DEADLY WEAPONS & DOUBLE AGENT 73 – Directed by Doris Wishman

Spoiler Alert: Chesty Morgan has extremely big boobs, ginormous juggs, a king-sized balcony if you please.  Chesty, and her 73-inch gargantuan gazongas, star in this pair of films from legendary director Doris Wishman.  Wishman, director of such nudie classics as NUDE ON THE MOON and BLAZE STARR GOES NUDIST knows a thing or two about boobies, and she hit the jackpot when she recruited Chesty Morgan.  Chesty’s cup size maybe FF, but she’s an A+ in my book.  

Deadly Weapons (1974)

First up is DEADLY WEAPONS, where Chesty plays the girlfriend of a mob hitman.  When her boyfriend double-crosses the boss and gets himself knocked off, Chesty overhears the hit go down from the other end of a telephone receiver.  She has to piece together the clues and track down her boyfriend’s killers, getting revenge using her “deadly weapons” if you know what I mean.  You could call it chesticular homicide.  70’s adult film superstar Harry Reems co-stars, and as you might expect, is awesome in his role.

The character Chesty plays in DEADLY WEAPONS comes across as very dumb. It seemed very unbelievable that she would be smart enough to track down her boyfriend’s killers with so few clues to go on.  But she spends so much time topless, you don’t care.  The goal of this movie wasn’t to win an Oscar, it was to showcase Chesty’s bulky breasticles, and it does that very well.

Double Agent 73 (1974)

DEADLY WEAPONS was such a success that another Chesty Morgan/Doris Wishman film quickly followed.  In DOUBLE AGENT 73, Chesty plays a secret agent. A secret agent that has a spy camera implanted in one of her massive mammaries.  She goes undercover, infiltrating the criminal underworld, trying to get a picture of an elusive crime boss with her titty camera.  To snap a photo, she just has to take off her top and squeeze one of her enormous knockers.

DOUBLE AGENT 73 was an improvement over the first film.  The script was a little deeper and the characters more complex. But all that really matters is how many times Chesty’s top comes off, and  trust me, it comes off plenty.

By now I think I’ve made it pretty clear that Chesty Morgan has huge hooters, and director Wishman never passes up an opportunity to show off Chesty’s grand-slam glands. If you’re a fan of big-ass bazooms, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of Chesty’s mesmerizing melons. Her giant ta-tas are unlike any you’ve ever seen before. 

It’s a good thing she has such voluminous cans, because she sure won’t win any awards for her acting.  It appears that Chesty’s constantly looking over at the director. Sometimes looks like she’s not even paying attention when another character is talking to her.  To be fair, Chesty wasn’t an actress, she was a dancer.  To be brutally honest, Chesty dances in DEADLY WEAPONS, and her dancing is just as bad as her acting. Yet despite what may sound like harsh criticisms, I give these 2 films my highest recommendation.  Everyone should see these movies, trust me, this pair of films is tits!


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