Solarcrypt – Rot in the Multidemensional Sewer (2020) Review

Solarcrypt is a one-man project from Costa Rica. With song titles like “Fetid Fragments of the Mental Excretion”, you might come into this expecting goregrind. But no, Solarcrypt is mid-tempo OSDM to the core. Every song on this 4 track demo is filled with catchy, memorable riffs. A minute into the opening track “Fractal Crypt for the Bleeding Cosmic Decomposition” I was hooked. The next song “Through the Rotten Flesh of the Antithesis of Creation” was even better! You get the idea, 4 solid tracks, each better than the last. Grim esoteric lyrics throughout. This 22-minute demo left me craving more. 4/5

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Solarcrypt Demo CD

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