OOZING/Pharmacist split CD (2020) Review

Goregrind isn’t my preferred metal sub-genre. In fact, except for Carcass’ early work I’ve had very little exposure to it. However, I’m always on the lookout for good music, and sometimes that quest leads me to things outside my comfort zone. Enter this split album by OOZING & Pharmacist.

The CD starts with OOZING’s half of the split: Forbidden Exhumation. From “Tombs Erupting with Gore” to “Bursting with Festering Liquids” these 5 tracks pack a punch. An unrelenting assault on the senses that I find very pleasing to my ears. Hailing from Phoenix, OOZING is a one-man project captained by Christopher Tapo. Typical low goregrind vocals and down-tuned distorted guitars would be an accurate description but doesn’t tell the whole story. Songs are mostly brutal AF, but Tapo’s not afraid to lay down a catchy death metal riff from time to time. Very good stuff.

Next up is Pharmacist with Thanatological Reflections on Necroticism. Pharmacist is a two-man outfit from Japan, with Therapeutist playing drums and Pharmacist doing everything else. Featuring extremely distorted vocals that occasionally sound like a frog croaking, but don’t let that scare you away. Pharmacist plays a slower brand of goregrind that is catchy from beginning to end. “Morticulture” even has a happy, upbeat feel to it, something I didn’t expect from a goregrind band.

From song titles like “Gargling Decomposed Innards” and Pharmacist’s unreadable logo to the disgusting album cover, this release checks all the standard goregrind boxes. But the outstanding musicianship by both bands puts this one over the top for me Check it out. 4/5.

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OOZING/Pharmacist Split CD

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