Consume Carbondale Dispensary Review

Consume Carbondale has been my go-to dispensary since it opened in June 2020. This isn’t surprising since it’s the closest dispensary to my house, but I’m grateful it is. Every visit has been a pleasant experience. Something Consume has in common with every dispensary I’ve visited so far is the friendliness of the staff. Everyone seems to love working in a dispensary and the positive vibe is palpable.

As for the facility itself, Consume is located on the corner of E. Main and S. Washington in Carbondale, Il. The parking lot is shared with a neighboring restaurant and seems a little cramped. I’ve never visited Consume on a weekend, but when I’m there on weekdays there is always plenty of close parking.

I normally order ahead online, and just have to run in and pick up the order. This is the quickest and easiest method. On a few occasions, I have ordered from the in-store kiosk. There are always friendly staff members to lend you a hand if you need it. For example, my first time buying concentrates I had a lot of questions. I asked a staff member for some help and he expertly explained the differences in all the concentrates they carry and answered all my questions. I left with more knowledge than I came in with and got some nice Cresco Live Sugar for my G-Pen Roam to boot.

My biggest gripe is a complaint about Illinois cannabis in general: the prices. As I’m writing this, flower at Consume Carbondale still costs around $75 an eighth. Concentrates will cost you $85 per gram. (These prices include taxes). I’ve been to dispensaries around Chicago and prices aren’t that much better. Hopefully, over time, prices will become more reasonable.

I highly recommend Consume Carbondale for all your legal cannabis needs.

Lifelong metal fan and cannabis connoisseur.