Pulsus Furor – Satanic Wings Of Blasphemy EP (2022) Review

Pulsus Furor, a one-man blackened death metal project from Germany, is helmed by Arch Lecturer Frater Clades. His debut EP Satanic Wings of Blasphemy comes less than a year after the excellent 2021 Demo, Into The Custody of Hell. The EP, like the demo, features 4 tracks clocking in at around 17 minutes. Those that enjoyed the demo will love this new EP as everything here is turned up a notch. The music is more brutal and the lyrics are more blasphemous.

Satanic Wings of Blasphemy opens with a 1:40 instrumental prelude which sets the tone and gives you a small taste of what’s to come. The next track, “Satanic Wrath” starts slow, then launches into the blasphemous blackened death metal that you’ve come for. The song ends with a haunting piano outro. Next up is the brilliant title track, the highlight of the EP for me. Capping things off is “Ritual of Satan”, with its acoustic outro, a fitting end to a great outing. At times savage and chaotic, at others slower and melodic, Frater Clades’ talent is on full display on this EP. I can’t wait to hear more. 5/5

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