Masakre – Morbid Extinction EP (2022) Review

Although Masakre calls themselves Deathcrust, fans of traditional death metal shouldn’t shy away. This Indonesian band plays a unique brand of crust punk-influenced OSDM that I dig. Death metal smeared with just enough crust punk to make it sound dirty. Masakre makes their intentions known right out of the gate with “Abhorrent Dreams”. Low barking vocals are nearly drowned out by loud angry guitar. Some songs even sound borderline grindcore along the way. The EP ends with the standout track “Abolished Realms”, the longest song at 2:45. My only complaint would be the short length. The five tracks on this, Masakre’s 3rd release, clock in at just over 11 minutes. After several listens, this EP left me wanting to hear more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. 4/5

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