Funeral Vomit – Necrophoric Infestation Demo (2020) Review

Funeral Vomit is a three-piece death metal band from Barranquilla Colombia. Their Bandcamp page lists several bands as influences, the most obvious to my ears being the mighty Mortician.

After an ominous intro and obligatory movie soundbite, the death metal begins with “Execration”. The vocals are low and growling, the music heavy, pounding, and primitive. “Hematophagia” proves this young band can slow things down and remain just as heavy. The highlight of the demo for me is the title track “Necrophoric Infestation”. The memorable main riff is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Rounding out the demo are 4 live tracks including “Boneyard”, an Impetigo cover. If you like your death metal raw and brutal, check out Necrophoric Infestation, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 4/5

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