Vomit Spell – s/t (2021) Review

After an impressive 2019 demo, Vomit Spell released their debut self-titled album in October 2021 on F.D.A. Records. At times, this album is unrelenting brutal grind. At others, mid-tempo death metal riffing.

Hailing from Germany, Vomit Spell is a self-described “death metal influenced grindcore band”. This description becomes obvious during the opening track “Carnage at the Morgue”. The song starts like a fast and furious grind song, then changes tempo as the song progresses letting those death metal influences rise to the top. Comparisons to Repulsion and early Carcass notwithstanding, Vomit Spell brings something unique to the table. The guitar work on songs like “Leah Sublime”, “Curbside Lacerations” and “Disincarnate” elevates these songs above the average modern grindcore output.

Lyrically, song themes run the gamut from death metal tropes like zombies and cannibalism to more serious topics like atomic war and religion. The lyrics generally have a gloomy “life is pointless” vibe throughout, which is just one more reason to love this release.

Vomit Spell’s debut album gets my highest recommendation. It’s a grindcore album at its core, but the death metal influences shine through on nearly every song. This album is amazing and I suggest everyone check it out. 5/5

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